Health and safety

Our values
We seek for our people to go home in no worse state of health and wellbeing than they arrived that day, as a result of their work and being in the workplace.

Protection of people and the environment, with a goal of zero harm, is among our core values. We continually invest in our people, plant and infrastructure to maintain high personal safety and process safety standards. As our business success rests on the safe and responsible storage and handling of our customer’s products, our health and safety values go hand in hand with our business strategy. For us, good health and safety is good business.
Our credentials

With 23 storage terminals across Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, and Ireland, our people have extensive experience and knowledge in safe storage and handling of a wide range of bulk liquids and gases.

The industry is subject to an increasingly complex regime of regulation. It is a key part of our business to understand and stay up to date with the regulatory framework and industry developments. Aircraft Fuel Supply employs a team of highly qualified, experienced safety, health and environmental professionals to help meet the needs of our customers and our operations.
Seveso III

As an operator of Seveso III (COMAH) Upper Tier sites, Aircraft Fuel Supply has implemented the new additional Seveso III requirements. This updated Directive on the control of major accident hazards required:

  • Implementation of the Globally Harmonised System (GHS)/CLP Directive for classification of substances

  • Improved provision of information to the public

  • Review of emergency plans

  • Update of Safety Reports

Competence management
Aircraft Fuel Supply also has a comprehensive competence management system. Safety critical tasks are identified and managed with key personnel having suitable training, development and supervisory systems in place to develop and retain competence in all areas.
In addition, the company’s participation in industry associations, assists in sharing best practice and learning from incidents, while our active engagement with regulatory bodies helps to ensure we stay at the forefront of industry-wide health and safety developments.

Safety awards

Aircraft Fuel Supply has an impressive record of sustained commitment to health and safety and we are delighted when our people’s efforts are recognised. In the UK, for example, a number of our terminals apply annually for the prestigious Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Awards, achieving year-on-year success.

Proactive approach
Good safety doesn’t happen by accident! At Aircraft Fuel Supply, we take a proactive approach to maintaining and improving our safety performance. Through our Process Safety Improvement Plan, new company-wide safety initiatives are developed at least once a year in both personal and process safety.

Additionally, each of our businesses develops country-specific safety initiatives , which are embedded into localised versions of the Aircraft Fuel Supply Process Safety Improvement Plan. Areas of responsibility for each aspect of the plan are defined to ensure effective leadership and involvement from people throughout the company.

Notable initiatives include:

Process Safety

  • Developing process hazard awareness

  • Reviewing technical and operational standards

  • Improving equipment and human reliability.

  • Improved learning from previous incidents

Personal safety

  • Applying the company’s successful ‘TAKE 2’ safety campaign to the ever-important topic of slips, trips and falls

  • Engaging with industry and regulators in new initiatives on physical and mental health and wellbeing


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